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Marble mansion built on a lake

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MadMaestro's Avatar MadMaestro
Level 20 : Expert Dwarf
Dear Valhemians welcome to my mansion !

The house was built entirely legit, no mod and no console use (that's why it took me around 140hrs to be done from nothing to that).
It is fully operational and I use it when I play.

I named it Raven Rock, hope you enjoy to the visit !
Progress100% complete

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Level 1 : New Viking
12/04/2023 12:19 pm

bigbaws's Avatar
amazing build looks beautiful!! how can i add it to my playthrough ? i cant find blueprint file inside download
Level 27 : Expert Heathen
03/02/2023 11:59 am

Haakonzen's Avatar
Big place you've got !! Looks absolutely fabulous, superb job.

How does it handle those pesky raid events? All good on the seeker front?

How do you get those mushrooms (red+blue) to stand so close, in the loading dock pics? Is it just stacking item stands as close they get?
Level 20 : Expert Dwarf
03/02/2023 4:54 pm

MadMaestro's Avatar
Thanks mate !

It manages very well with raid events, monsters can not climb on my docks even blobs and oozers, the water around slows down and I have some crossbows defenses toward my weak spots that kills everything. Seekers are still a problem as they fly .. So either I jump on the nearest land, or I kill them faster than they destroy my buildings lul

Yeah it is ! 4 'sign' panels in a square shape, 1x1 wood in the bottom, and a bunch of items stands stacked together in different directions to get a random pattern, you just have to adjust the height to either have like a full box, or a nearly empty one !


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