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Goofywarriorguy's Avatar Goofywarriorguy
Level 11 : Journeyman Viking
This is an Open Style full Workshop with the 4 main Crafting Benches: Workbench, Forge, BlackForge, and Galdr Table. Along with all upgrades. I also was able to sneak in a Barber Station next to the Galdr table.

The central Floor is slightly raised to allow for a graduated chest upgrades: Chests -> Reinforced Chests found under the workbenches. I left one side without carpet and without chests so you can see how you can add or remove floors depending on if you are using starter chests or Reinforced chests. This allows you to upgrade to larger chests simply by removing a floorboard. And yes the Black Metal chests will fit under there too if you want to go that route eventually.

If you are building this manually (without using the addon) I included a screenshot under the benches so you can see where to line up the raised floor on the bottom inset of the Full wall. I would recommend trying to line it up width wise with the floors below. It won't be perfect though and the flooring will slightly stick through on the far end wall lengthwise. I covered it mostly with a banner behind the braziers, but you could use other items to hide it if it bothers you.

The RoundLog (Corewood) Vertical Beams holding up the Roofing and framing the Entrances also have the normal Square Beams inside them so that the structure and roof will build even before you get Corewood. You can either keep the Square Beams or delete them and upgrade to the RoundLog Beams depending on your Tastes.

Obviously you can use your own preferred banners, Carpets, Trophies and other such decorations. On the outside on the Galdr table side I used the new FirePit while the other 3 are the Standing Brazisers. With Carpet, Banner, Brazier, Armor Stand you get Comfort Level 8.
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