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Solo Home, Mistlands Era

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Viking_Anarchist's Avatar Viking_Anarchist
Level 23 : Expert Viking
My version of an artistic, late game, solo home. This is the upgrade to my previous build, the pre-Elder tiny home. It has maxed out cauldron, workbench, forge, black forge, and galdr table. I didn't include a hot tub, so comfort is a respectable 14. Drop your tub outside and enjoy the outdoors if you require the extra two minutes.

I wanted to build on the style I discovered previously, which was starting to feel like my own. The chimney engineering was pinched from Youtube (and works flawlessly). Most of the crafting station upgrades are hidden under the floor in a 2m high crawl space.

There are two pop-outs in the house meant to mimic those found in fancy camping trailers. These add depth to the exterior of the home. There are 11 reinforced chests inside the house (two in the floor by the hearth), one personal chest at the foot of the bed, and two black metal chests outside by the mounted hoe and cultivator.

Finally, there is a back door which allows for a quick escape.

  • Fuel Eternal
  • Infinity Hammer (to remove build restrictions and cram everything into a small space)
  • Item Stand All Items
  • Improved Dverger Circlet

Blueprint is attached and drops a paved circle of 14m radius, with a bit of smoothing to blend into the local landscape.

Thanks for looking.

Progress100% complete

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