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Stone Chateau

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wolvendrake's Avatar wolvendrake
Level 31 : Artisan Warrior
Part of my Modular Base Series, I submit the Stone Chateau. This is a house fit for a well off Viking warrior!
No Mods required, all base game parts and materials.

Originally built by PBR, SexyPrecious, and me during my first run through of Valheim. Loved this house!
Progress100% complete

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Level 1 : New Viking
01/24/2023 7:16 pm

boomshanka's Avatar
I tried to place this into my world with BuildShare and it is way up in the air, so it immediately falls apart. Was it exported wrong somehow? Or is there a way for me to adjust the vertical positioning before placing it?
Level 31 : Artisan Warrior
01/24/2023 8:19 pm

wolvendrake's Avatar
Hi! The original build was done in the mountains, and it might have given it the wrong altitude or something. to fix it, hold cntl + alt and scroll with your mouse wheel. You can change the height of the build that way =) Plan build has issues with some builds... happens to me all the time when i try to build someone else's plan.

Hope you enjoy it!
Level 1 : New Shield Maiden
03/16/2023 3:26 pm

Huels's Avatar
There is an X placement to make the center of your build so that you don't have that issue in the future. You might want to consider editing the build in your world and uploading it again.
Level 1 : New Viking
01/24/2023 8:34 pm

boomshanka's Avatar
Thank you!


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