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Wooden Dual Tower Base Home (Mistlands Ready)

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wolvendrake avatar wolvendrake
Level 26 : Expert Viking
Great home for more than one player! Dual bedroom with personal storage for both, and plenty of room! Originally posted yesterday with out Mistlands crafting tables or refinery. Updated to include them all!

Just a few Mods required.
Item Drawers
More Gates
Epic Loot

Wood and Stone Twin Tower Base featuring:
Fully upgraded Workbench and Forge, with ample storage for all crafting materials;
Fully ready and Enclosed (Protected) Black Marble room with Refinery;
Master and Guest Bedrooms with High Comfort levels with glass windows and storage;
Fully upgraded Master Chef Kitchen, with ample storage for food goods;
Dual Smelter and Blaster Furnaces with nearby Kiln, with coal and Ore storage;
Enclosed Chicken Coop near heat source for hatching, butcher knife, and feed storage;
Farming including Upgrade cultivator.
Enchanting Etir Crafting Tables with storage.
Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : by wolvendrake 08/12/2023 3:39:38 amAug 12th

Fully updated for Mistlands, including crafting tables, and refinery!

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