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The Cursed Temple

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Level 37 : Artisan Scribe
The Cursed Tempel
2 variants: Water and Fire
variant "Water" is the one that you can download, the "Fire" variant differs only in the decoration, and instead of the well, a bonfire is placed

used mods:

Item_Stand_All_items by Jere Kuusela

M3TO _Gizmo_Reloaded by Tyrenheim


Kettil the Tranquil was a righteous man and chieftain of his clan.
When an eerie disease afflicted his clan, he sought help from the marsh spirits.
They told him there was a secret well with healing water.
He only needed to follow the waypoint markers and he would find it in a temple on an island.
Desperate and with the last glimmer of hope to save his kin, Kettil set sail.
He found the mentioned temple, took water from the well, and had his people drink it.
But the water was not healing; it turned everyone into undead, decaying figures.
Enraged at being deceived, Kettil returned to the temple to destroy the well.
In its place, he erected a tall pyre.
When he lit it, the temple and the surroundings transformed into a place where fire burns eternally!
From that day on, he was known as Brandr the Blaze.
Wherever he went, he left only fire and ash.
Can he be stopped?
Who will be able to extinguish the raging flames in the temple?
Progress100% complete

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