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The Frostbite Spire

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Bonhominom's Avatar Bonhominom
Level 12 : Journeyman Viking
This build is 17558 instances and took me close to a month to complete on my own.

All the structural parts of the tower are completely vanilla, so you can still build this tower on any seed, so long as you have PlanBuild installed. You just wont get it fully furnished without the mods.

I've listed all 58 mods I'm currently running on my world below. Thanks and I hope you enjoy The Frostbite Spire!

PlantEverything by Advize

Official_BepInEx_ConfigurationManager by Azumatt

AzuClock by Azumatt

FirstPersonMode by Azumatt

XRayVision by Azumatt

WardIsLove by Azumatt

Spawner_Tweaks by AzuRe

BetterUI_ForeverMaintained by BetterUI_ForeverMaintained

EasySpawner by Cooleyy

BepInExPack_Valheim by denikson

Heightmap_Unlimited_Remake by Digitalroot

MapTeleporter by exel80

HiddenDoors by Frogger

BetterCreative by Heinermann

Wearable_Trophies by JereKuusela

Server_devcommands by JereKuusela

World_Edit_Commands by JereKuusela

Infinity_Hammer by JereKuusela

Item_Stand_All_Items by JereKuusela

Structure_Tweaks by JereKuusela

Upgrade_World by JereKuusela

ESP by JereKuusela

Expand_World_Data by JereKuusela

Expand_World_Events by JereKuusela

Expand_World_Size by JereKuusela

Expand_World_Rivers by JereKuusela

Expand_World by JereKuusela

Server_Sync_Fix by JereKuusela

Marketplace_Configs by JewelHeim

Marketplace_And_Server_NPCs_Revamped by KGvalheim

Marketplace_NPC_Models by KGvalheim

Build_In_Dungeons by LottieVixen

FuelEternal by Marf

TheFisher by Marlthon

RunicPack by Marlthon

AirAnimals by Marlthon

SeaAnimals by Marlthon

Cats by Marlthon

PlanBuild by MathiasDecrock

DiscordConnector by nwesterhausen

Clutter by OdinPlus

OdinHorse by OdinPlus

BetterLanterns by OdinPlus

OdinBear by OdinPlus

PotionPlus by OdinPlus

TeleportEverything by OdinPlus

OdinsKingdom by OdinPlus

Mountup by Oran1

MoreGates by RagnarokHCRP

DualWield by Smoothbrain

Jewelcrafting by Smoothbrain

VALKEA by The_Bees_Decrees

M3TO_Gizmo_Reloaded by Tyrenheim

LockItUp by Tyrenheim

Jotunn by ValheimModding

HookGenPatcher by ValheimModding

WackyEpicMMOSystem by WackyMole

AdventureBackpacks by Vapok
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