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Valheim Builds / Tree House

Whimsical luxury treehouse in the sky!

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Eve_Morrigan's Avatar Eve_Morrigan
Level 14 : Journeyman Viking
Hail and well met friends!

I spent over 80hrs on this build. I'm by no means a master builder but I really wanted to jump in again to another build comp. Devcommands, Debugmode and no placement cost were used. No Mods at all.

There is a lighthouse that points the only way into the lagoon to make harbor at the dock. A shipping and receiving area is featured with many little details to make it look as though its really used. There is a check in desk and storage area for shipments. It leads to the boardwalk that goes up to the stone entryway to the right and the left you can enter to cross the bridge. The bridge took me over 15hrs to build fully. The concept I have is an open build so that the gorgeous views aren't hindered at any point. Going past the bridge you will walk past a huge iron sword and a walk path I built that leads to the ruins I found and fixed up and rebuilt. It is the wizards place and keeps the animals safe from all the bugs. Past that you can walk to the windmill which is protected in a stone tower.

I have to mention that I did no terraforming in order to keep a wild and natural look. I only added a few native mushroom plants around for pops of light and color. I wanted my build to work with nature not force a flat surface. It definitely made it more challenging but I think it came out very appealing to look at.

Going back over the bridge you come back to the marble and stone entryway. I tore that darn thing down 4x before I was happy with how it looks. I use portals as Elevators and build it to look as such. I call them sky climbers a nice name given to me by a friend on twitch (Raijin) and the elevator box idea from (StellerJay). I was just going to keep them in an archway. lol That first portal will take you to the very top of the build but the stairs there will take you into the tavern.

The tavern and kitchen are my favorite spots in my build. I took a great deal of time to make it look like a huge feast was taking place. It has a bar tap system, a sink and dishes, dirty dishes and functional shelves. It holds all the mead bottles and there is a sky climber next to the bar that goes to the kitchen upstairs. Again the build is more open here too, so that you can walk to the edge and look out over the Mistlands view of the lagoon, bridge, ruins and entry tower. There is even an axe throwing game.

The kitchen is open as well so anyone can watch the goings on of a busy kitchen. My favorite thing in the kitchen is the Snow box I built. I don't recall seeing anyone else do something exactly like it and it was designed to function like a cold display case you would see in a grocery store. There is a full mead distillery and kiln, a huge pantry and cooking area. I put down shields to look like cutting boards and a grill in the fireplace.

It leads up to the Artifacts room and is made to look like a museum. It provides a showcase of treasures, monsters, weapons and armor. I created showcase boxes to make it look as close to a museum as I can. Going up the stairs leads to the master suite which has a hot tub, seating area, raised bed and storage under, a wardrobe and counter space.

Leading out the door of the artifacts room goes to the gambling table and viewpoint room. I used the pukeberries to look like game pieces and set up a treasure table of winnings. You have a great view outside as well as the kitchen.

Going out of the artifacts room to the far left will lead you to the forge where I set it up to be functional and imaginative. Use the sky climber to get to the next floor which holds the black forge and workshop area.

Next floor up is for the Spinners corner. lol Its where all the armor and cloaks are made and I wanted it to look like an old fashioned sewing room.

Nest is an area where all the crafters can come share a meal without having to go all the way to the tavern. There is a comfortable lounge area and a custom BBQ. Again featuring the awesome view of the land.

Going up the stairs you will reach the shared bead chamber area to the left. There is an area with king sized beds and welcome gifts for all who stay. I used blue mushrooms and kept the lights as calming blue as possible. The upper bec area has 2 wardrobes which I fully decked out and a large bookshelf too. A brazier keeps the beds functional.
Next tower over holds a chill vibes lounge area next to a fireplace and the sky climber that will take you down to the tower entrance. Going up the stairs will lead you to the observation tower where you can chill by the firepit and enjoy a cold mead while looking over the Mistlands.

I hope you enjoyed my whimsical treehouse build. A real Air BnB. lol

I did this whole build and concept on my own.
The video is edited by Storm the Hype Bard (Twitch)
Music by StellerJayGG (Twitch)

You can find me on all the socials. Eve_Morrigan
You can see me rage building on Twitch. lol

Thank you for your time!
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03/03/2023 9:56 pm
Level 1 : New Viking
stellerjaygg's Avatar
I enjoy the attention to detail and creativity to create Valhiem style modern items. Everything looks created with functional purpose not just built to create something big or just for the sake of being built.

Well done
03/04/2023 11:31 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Viking
Eve_Morrigan's Avatar
Thanks Jay! I appreciate it.
02/21/2023 2:24 am
Level 1 : New Viking
BeardedHeathenX's Avatar
Let's go Eve!
02/21/2023 2:44 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Viking
Eve_Morrigan's Avatar


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