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Fortress of the "Frost Wolf" clan

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About the Project:

The idea was, not just to make buildings, but to come up with the Lore to make everything look interesting and meaningful:

The fortress of the "Frost Wolf" clan - Dragon Slayers.

When the Dragons invaded this world, a group of brave warriors fought against them and the forces were not equal. Dragons burned more and more villages, but at last the Great Mother Wolf heard the prayers of the northern clan. She came to this world, and they won. Mother Wolf died and when her spirit was released, the whole mountain was lit up with light brighter than a thousand stars. When the lights went out, the warriors saw two wolf puppies at the place where she died. It was a legacy to this world from the Mother.
At the site of the battle, a fortress was erected where the descendants of those wariors live, and they make sure that the lineage of the Great Wolf does not end, they breed wolves, the descendants of those two puppies.

Well, that's where I got off on this story.
No Mods was used, only ingame "debugmode".

if you watch from the beginning of the video:
On the left you can see Barracks, 4 floors with the personal quarters of the commander-in-chief at the top, into which there is a portal behind the throne in the Hall.
(5-6 rooms per floor, I didn’t record it. There is a bed, a box, a table, a chair in each and that’s all, it’s a barracks)
Further the building is a hall for meetings, negotiations and a feast. On the left is a kitchen, on the right is a forge with a basement where the actual storage and a place for processing ore.
Next comes the training ground and the refuge of the wolves (Wolf Head)

Haven't finished yet, no time yet. There is also a long staircase going to the very top of the mountain where I am building a temple.

No building mods, just ingame Debugmod and that's it.

When I finish it, I will mount a high-quality video)
Thank you for your attention
Progress100% complete

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01/04/2023 5:06 pm
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12/28/2022 2:20 am
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looks very nice in the thumbnail, looking forward to the video!
01/04/2023 4:02 pm
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