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Halloween House

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Hi everyone,
This is Cheryl, aka Firekitty, part of the trio responsible for this video and build. The other culprits are Ragnor (husband), and Firekitten ( 11 year old daughter). We originally wanted to enter the build contest with this, but real life delayed our presentation. Its ok we didnt meet the deadline, and wanted to share this with this community regardless of the contest.
My daughter is responsible for both about 80% of the build and design, as well as the video production. She actually wrote us our scripts, recorded our voices and "altered them for our protection" according to her. The video does not do the place justice; it does resemble a corpse turned into a house. The head is the entrance, with eyes the light up as you approach. You pass through a narrow hall, the throat, into the chest cavity, which is filled with the remnants of the creatures digested, glass panes between the ribs showing a glowing interior from the outside.
As you pass through the chest cavity you enter the hip bone area where the shops and crafting stations are located. The chest cavity has arms that extend into the forest, hand bones easily seen. The leg paths trail off towards the ocean. The arms, and legs have a practical function, used in combination with all the logs laying around. My daughter is a skilled Valheim player and she discovered fallen logs and some semi walled paths make base defense very easy, especially against trolls.
The story line of the video is as follows;
Ragnor and Firekitty are sitting by a fire sharing scary Halloween stories. When its Ragnor's turn, he tells a tale of being attacked by a sea monster, then caught in a storm that ship wrecks him as a sole survivor in a strange land. He is attacked and pursued by various beast, one of them a large wolf who bites him, but doesnt kill him.
He falls ill to his wounds and when awakes, learns he has been enslaved by a strange people, the wolf people. At this point, Firekitty asks how he escaped, and when confronted with this, tells her he didnt escape, but had to earn his way to the brain, (throne room , treasury, and master bedroom) of the house. To do so, he needs to make another a werewolf too.
The story ends with their arrival back at the Halloween House wolf lair, him eager to show her around and all the features of the house.
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01/12/2022 10:36 am
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how can i find vbuild?


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