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Ragnor's Avatar Ragnor
Level 18 : Journeyman Viking
Hi all !!,
As my first post will show where am at in game. In this build, tried to keep terrain as original as possible. To lay it out, I first used wood beams to guide placements. I tried to use natural terrain inside and out for the build to add to decoration. I have been ask how did I manage support in the structure? The supporting pillars, 1X2 m blocks are 2 side by side, then place one at 90 degrees. In the middle of this, snap a steel beam to top block- it should be directly in the middle of the pillar.
Proper interlocking of blocks does improve strength of the build as well. A lot of steel beams were used and are covered with wood beams for looks. Two trees, from original terrain poke through the roof. The trees beside the bonfire inside-ish the house are also all original, and are open to the air.
The upper level is wood with iron beams to strengthen, and largely unfinished. It will most likely become a portal room. Overall, the main house is approx. 60-70% done, depending on how decorate. Harvesting fuel for lighting is time consuming, so am going to use a lot of alternative light sources.
The workshop is separate, but easily accessible and has a decent comfort rating itself. The rock inside is for weapons training. So far, most supplies came in by boat, and a cart makes quick work to get to storage inside the shop.
A path at the water leads to a Troll Cave, and yes, all Trolls are still inside it.
As can see by the map, a lot remains to explore. When heard of upcoming hearth and home update, I decided after killed Bonemass, would place some functional, attractive bases to work from after the update.
Progress70% complete

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05/17/2021 10:19 am
Level 36 : Artisan Viking
Cyprezz's Avatar
Ooo. I like the open air concept and integration with natural vegetation. Feels fresh.

Have you tried farming resin from Gray Dwarf spawners? I've only farmed one and it lasted long enough before the Gray Dwarfs themselves destroyed it with rocks meant to hit me. I used to destroy the spawners on sight but now I'm marking them on my map for future farming.


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