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JC Plain's Castle

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Qteecat's Avatar Qteecat
Level 15 : Journeyman Viking
Hi Friends,

I love Valheim so much so that this castle was inspired from Chiselchip in YT of his format/structure build. But took me 3 days to complete this with my boyfriend Death236 and We changed and updated a lot of whats inside including the basement and its size to make it our own. This is a tier 3 castle built in Plains including a basement with storage chests and armor display. I am hoping you find it useful.

This castle contains:
Pieces: 8557
Center mark: 1
Terrain mark: 1
Balista are available but please dont forget to assign trophies for target.
This build can be use in standard version, no mods was used except flying in devcommands

Note: You can definitely customized or make arrangements what's inside the castle, but this is a furnished one. Basement when placing the build please make sure to check the basement as sometimes depends where you place in a certain terrain may need some clean up. just try to raise the axis of the blueprint first before placing it. Incase you need to undo the placed castle use command in console bp.undo to delete the build.

1st Floor Details:
  • 2 smelters
  • 1 charcoal kiln
  • 1 blast furnace
  • workbench lvl 5
  • black forge lvl 3
  • forge lvl 7
  • galdr table lvl 3
  • catographer
  • stairs to go 2nd floor

Basement details:
  • 3 Black metal storage chests per column total of 102.
  • Portal to 3rd floor
  • Armor display
  • Shield display
  • 2 stone chairs

2nd Floor details:
  • Stonecutter
  • Artisan Table
  • Spinning wheel
  • Display of different kinds of stack woods/stones/ores
  • 5 Black Metal chests
  • 2 Stone ovens
  • 2 Fermenter
  • 2 Stone Hearth
  • 2 Cauldrons lvl 5
  • 1 Iron Cooking Station
  • 4 Cooking Station
  • Long Table with item stands
  • Eitr refinary
  • Sap Extrator
  • a few stone chairs and bench

3rd Floor details:

  • 4 Portals
  • 1 Portal to the basement
  • Christmas Tree w/ Gifts
  • Ward (just behind the door to the left of the Christmas Tree)
  • Item stands on walls you can use for Trophies
  • Treasure display
  • Open Balcony with Chicken coop, table and treasure
  • Another Balcony at the center of the castle with overlooking the site w/ 2 stone chairs
  • Bedroom consist of a bathtub, 2 Beds, 1 black metal storage and personal storage
  • Barber Station
  • Additional - wooden stairs to the roof top so you can refill the balistas, turretbolts are inside the blackmetal chest.

This took us 3 days to complete after work but it was fun and exciting when it was done. I hope you guys love this one as much as we did. I also like to thank Roinuj for helping us and my other friend Noob, Again Thank you Chiselchip for the Plain's Castle after watching your youtube inspired us to build this. I have a video of a walkthrough whats inside in my TikTok - iqteecat and please follow me on Twitch - Qteecat as I do stream sometimes. Thank you so much!
Progress100% complete

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Level 8 : Apprentice Builder
03/07/2024 9:14 pm

Chiselchip's Avatar
Beautiful build! Glad you were inspired by mine :)
Level 15 : Journeyman Viking
03/08/2024 6:43 pm

Qteecat's Avatar
Yes, Thank you so much!
Level 1 : New Explorer
02/14/2024 1:36 am

Death236's Avatar
Absolutely love the time we put into this build and it turned out Absolutely amazing.
Level 15 : Journeyman Viking
02/14/2024 1:38 am

Qteecat's Avatar
Yes, thank you babe for helping me build this! I love it.


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