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Lotus Temple | 蓮華寺 | Rengeji

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Not fully done but getting very close! I started this late October and have been struggling with motivation to complete a lot of my builds.

Some things will remain hidden until the video!

Once it is done I will update this, however I am considering not putting this file up for download until my world is complete which means there will be a ton of projects included in that file. Not sure about it yet though. I am considering making a patreon for a very low membership price, but I do not know if people will be okay with me doing this. It would mean a lot if I received some support on that idea, since I spend a lot of hours and time making the builds I do and they may not be the best but I am very proud of them no matter what.

****Infinity hammer/Gizmo mods used****

- fully vanilla visible -

If you read this far, thank you for reading, and viewing my work. It means the world to me. -FW
Progress80% complete

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