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Swamp Waterway | Sewer Facility

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FiasWorkshop's Avatar FiasWorkshop
Level 25 : Expert Raspberry
This is my portal hub, it is the very first thing I created after I lost my first world file which had all my beginner builds and very first structures. I wish I could share those builds but maybe one day I will try and recreate them.

This sewer is only around 6k instances and there is a ton more not shown.

Video will reveal all the finer detail and I will update this page when it is complete!

Thanks for reading - FW
Progress60% complete

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Level 1 : New Viking
02/09/2023 11:43 am

KorinTor's Avatar
Liking the gloomy aesthetic the biome provides to this build. Nice Work!
Level 25 : Expert Raspberry
02/10/2023 1:47 am

FiasWorkshop's Avatar
i appreciate that you noticed the mood i was going for, thanks for checkin it out!


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