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Big empty Spiral House ;Edit ! Utoob video added

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Haakonzen's Avatar Haakonzen
Level 29 : Expert Heathen
This is a house with a 'spiral' floor plan. It is not a finished build, nor is it perfect. But it is meant to be the basis of a Grand Deluxe Main Base.

The blueprint does not come with the kitchen and smelter pieces seen in the video. Fireplaces only.

It is based on increasingly larger semi-circles; starts in center w/ 1m horizontal beams x8. Each rotated once and connected to the end of the previous one. The last 1m then extends to a 2m beam, and goes on in a 2m beam semi-circle. Next is 4m, then 6/8/10/12m semicircles.

It is quite large, just a smidgen under 5900 pieces - ca. 60m diameter and 22m tall. It is built with a massive ground floor of 1m high stone, so you can lower it slightly into the ground if the ground not totally flat. I recommend using the landscape tools in PlanBuild, to prepare the ground before you place the building.

The vertical Iron Beams that supports everything sticks 1m below the ground level stone floor pieces, to secure structual support .

I really made an effort to make sure every piece 'snapped' correct, to minimize errors&flaws. But when building in circles, there is many places where you can get the wrong snap.

It's an empty shell, no interior or walls - so you can add your own content and style. It is very open by design and you can run and jump all over the place. But needs more walls or windows, if you want 'shelter' everywhere inside. And lots of interior to make a home.

The bonfire in the center might disappear underground when you place the building.

WIP, hope you like it and want to make it into a proper home. Feel free to change/fix/improve anything and everything as you like - if it turns out nice, please share.

Best regards, Håkon
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11/22/2022 5:15 pm
Level 29 : Expert Heathen
Haakonzen's Avatar
Edit; sorry the video is so long and shaky, best I could do.


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