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Sneglehus w/Blueprint. Fully furbished Main base except blacksmith.

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Haakonzen avatar Haakonzen
Level 16 : Journeyman Heathen
First version of a spiral floor plan house. Rebuilt many times, to make it stylish and easy to run around in. Kinda compact and big at the same time. Spiral round for efficent floor space, was part of the idea.

Lots of storage space. 18 portals. Map table. No smelter or kiln. Two beds, fully upgraded kitchen, workbench and forge.

Comfort items and extra workbench/forge/stonecutter placed in 4 'pods' under the floor, so inside you always get rested in high comfort even if you delete or rebuild interior seen above ground. Not sure if christmas tree and Maypole survived the blueprint copy, unfortunately.
Progress100% complete

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11/16/2022 1:54 pm
Level 42 : Master Troll
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Godt navn! haha :D


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